Long-Term Storage

The Collections Management Policy Toolkit is available to institutions at no cost for one year, beginning the date the account is first created. During this time, account holders will be able to save their place as they progress through the questionnaire and safely store all information (individual questionnaire responses and the final product) on the CMPT website for free. This means that even after your completed policy is downloaded, you may return to edit or update questionnaire responses and quickly generate a new policy that reflects these changes.

We expect, however, that many CMPT users will have no need for this data to be stored once their completed policy has been downloaded. To avoid storing this information indefinitely and unnecessarily, users who would like to retain their account after one year will be asked to pay a small storage fee of $1/month, billed annually.

Account holders will be sent several alerts leading up to the end of their free year, at which time they will be given the option to switch to a paid subscription. For just $12/year, institutions can retain access to their account, with all questionnaire responses and final data output retained as long as the subscription is active. If an institution chooses not to continue with the paid model after the first year, their account and all data stored within will be deleted.

You may upgrade your account at any time during your free year by accessing the Additional Services tab from your Dashboard menu after logging into your account.